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Southernmost city of Uzbekistan

Termez is the most southern city of Uzbekistan, situated on the left bank of Amu Darya river. In the past - Russian and Soviet frontier post at Amu Darya. However, settlement on the territory of modern Termez existed much earlier. Preserved information, that even long before the arrival to these lands of Alexander the Great, Termez already existed and had Sogdian name "Termis", that meant "place of river crossing". Obviously, in this place people were crossing Amu Darya at all times. Here is located the sadly remembered "Bridge of Friendship" ("Drujba Bridge") which Soviet troops used to enter and to leave Afghanistan in 1980-es.

Earliest center of Buddhism in the region

Archaeological sites in the suburbs of modern Termez are carefully preserved. They are testimonies of its rich history and combine Greek, Buddhist, and local culture. Because Termez in I-II centuries was the main center of Buddhism in the region and reached the peak of its prosperity. There are two well-preserved important Buddhist monumental complexes near Termez: Karatepa and Fayaztepa; the first may be freely visited by tourists.

Paradise for archaeology fans

There is an archaeological museum in Termez, and environs of the city abound with remains of ancient fortifications, burial mounds, ancient ruins. Here is true paradise for archaeologists; a number of monuments are not yet extracted from the layers of the ground. Especially amazes Kampyrtepa ruins, that are pretty well excavated. Here you can find even Greek masonry streets, old jars and household items.

In the reach for tourists

Termez is located far from the main tourist routes of Uzbekistan, so not every tourist goes there. However, those who come to this city, won't return back without nice impressions. There is a practice of group flights Tashkent - Termez - Tashkent with one or more overnights in Termez. There are several hotels of medium level.

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Biddhist Monastery Fayaztepa
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Kyrk-Kyz Historical Complex
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