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Heart of Fergana Valley

Fergana valley is located in the east of Uzbekistan and looks like a huge oval dish, bordered on three sides by high mountain ranges. This is a unique corner of Central Asia, here represented all types of landscapes. Fergana - the largest city in the south of Fergana valley, the administrative center of Fergana Region of Uzbekistan.

The former garrison of the Russian Empire

Compared with other cities of Uzbekistan, Fergana is a relatively young city, it was founded in 1877 as a Russian military garrison to control the conquered territory of the Fergana valley. First, the city was called New Margilan, afterwards it was renamed into Skobelev, in honor of the governor-general of the city Mikhail Skobelev. Since 1919 and till now the city is being named Fergana.

City of European layout

Fergana is built on the ring-shaped principle, as St. Petersburg, Moscow or Tashkent. Streets radiate from the center - the former Military Assembly building. To the sights of the city can be attributed: the monument to great astronomer of X century Ahmad Al-Fergani and Museum of Local Lore. Here is preserved the house where General Skobelev lived (nowadays turned into a memorial house).

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