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One of the oldest cities of Central Asia

Osh is the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan and the second largest city in the country, one of the main tourist centers of the region. According to archaeological finds the age of this ancient city exceeds 3000 years; its foundation is associated with the name of the great ruler Suleiman (biblical king Solomon). In the Middle Ages Osh was a major trading center on the Great Silk Road that connected the Mediterranean and Middle East with India and China.

Mountain of Suleiman — the pride of Osh

Osh is a unique city in its structure. It grew up around the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too (Mountain of Suleiman), named after the wise king Suleiman (Solomon). Suleiman-Too is the main attraction of the city, it towers in the center of Osh being visible from almost everywhere. Mountain of Suleiman is considered one of the most important shrines for the Muslims of Central Asia and considered a second Mecca. The pilgrims haste to Osh, believing that the mountain is able to heal any ailments. Mountain Suleyman-Too is included to UNESCO World Heritage list. In addition, Osh has preserved several historical monuments of XII - XVIII cc.

Starting point for many adventure tours

Osh is on the way to the Alay valley and Pamirs Highway. It attracts a lot of tourists, mountaineers and climbers. The goal of many of them is ascent to famous Lenin Peak (7134 m), rising to the south from Osh. In recent years the stretch of road Osh - Taldyk pass - Sary-Tash was covered with new tarmac, allowing you to reach the base camp "Achik-Tash" in the Alay valley in just a few hours. From there begins the ascent to Lenin Peak. Alay valley also allows you to get into Western China via the Irkeshtam pass. Thus, thousands of fans of active tourism travel via Osh in the warm season of the year.

One of tourist centers of Kyrgyzstan

Osh is memorable, colorful and interesting in itself, but beyond that the city is an important transit point for many local tours. Airport of Osh receives regular flights from Bishkek and from several foreign airports. To the west from Osh across the border with Uzbekistan lies the main part of Fergana valley (with the cities Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, Margilan and Kokand); Pamir Highway leads from Osh to the south, to magnificent Pamir mountains; to the east of Osh there is full-flowing river Naryn and same-name city hidden between the valleys and mountain ridges; to the north there is the ancient city Jalal-Abad, colorful Toktogul water reservoir, and further cities Talas and Bishkek. Also in the Northern direction there is a natural reserve with mountain lake Sary-Chelek, that will amaze you at first sight.

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Mountain of Suleiman
Mountain of Suleiman
Mountain of Suleiman
Mountain of Suleiman
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