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Garden-city framed by the majestic mountains

Dushanbe is the largest city of Tajikistan, its magnificent capital. It is a political, cultural and economic center of the country. Dushanbe is a very beautiful and green city, it occupies a territory of 125 km² in the heart of the fertile Gissar valley at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, framed by majestic mountains.

Named after Monday

On the site of the modern Dushanbe once there was a town of the Kushan kingdom, the heyday of this town was in the III century BC, there is few information about that place. In the XVII century here appeared the village, famous for its big market on Mondays. The village grew and was named Dushanbe (Tajik word "Dushanbe" means "Monday"). The city first appeared on the international map in 1875. In the XX c. as capital of Tajik Soviet Republic, Dushanbe during thirty years bore the name Stalinabad.

Hospitable city of the Orient

Now the city lives a normal life of modern metropolis, being business and political center of a small developing country. In the capital of Tajikistan there are a lot of museums, theatres, monuments, restaurants, hotels and other objects of interest to tourists. There are many beautiful and attractive places associated with the names of great historical figures - poets Omar Khayyam, Firdausi and Rudaki, scientist Avicenna, king Ismail Samani. Coming to Dushanbe every tourist is imbued by its atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and friendliness, feels its true Eastern flavor. In 2004, UNESCO declared the city of Dushanbe - "City of Peace", and in 2009 it became the Center of Islamic Culture for 1 year.

City — record holder

Dushanbe grows and develops at a rapid pace. In addition to ordinary buildings, in Dushanbe recently built: the biggest in Central Asia library and a hospital, the magnificent palace "Kohi Navruz" (which was originally planned as the biggest in Central Asia teahouse), built the world's highest flagpole with the national flag; the biggest in Central Asian theatre is under construction. The symbol of the Tajik state is personified in the monument of Ismail Somoni with majestic 13-meters high gold-plated arch above it.

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