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A city with ancient history

Istaravshan (former names: Uroteppa, Ura-Tyube) is a city long-liver. Its age is over 2500 years. Archaeological findings from the Stone Age confirm the existence of life at this land 100 thousand years ago. City name Uroteppa became known since the XIV century. Istaravshan for centuries has been located at the crossroad of the Silk Road. The city has preserved several medieval historical monuments.

The center of national crafts

The city is located in the Northern part of Tajikistan, at the foothills of the Turkestan range at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level; about 75 km from Khujand. Nowadays, this city is the largest national centre of the crafts in Tajikistan, particularly: of the carvings, pottery and leather manufacturing. Craftsmen of Istaravshan are known not only all over Tajikistan, but also outside.

People come here for health

Around Istaravshan there are many mountain springs with clear refreshing water. The air is rich with ultraviolet light. In summer the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees Celsius. In 25 km from Istaravshan was built hydropathic "Havatag". Here on the basis of mineral springs people heal various diseases. Borehole Havatag produces slightly alkaline siliceous hot mineral water of chloride-sodium type.

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