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White-marbled capital of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat is the metropolis of white marble, golden domes and other architectural masterpieces, the modern capital of Turkmenistan; it is political, scientific and cultural center of the country, the largest of its cities. Everything here is amazing — from the white stone high-rises, luxury palaces and mosques to blooming parks, great fountains and famous historical objects of visit.

Between mountains and desert

Ashgabat is situated on the south-western part of Turkmenistan close to the Iranian borders, between the Karakum desert and the mountains of Kopetdag ridge. This is a wonderful natural oasis, most part of which consists of parks and green spaces. The city planned so that you are able to see a beautiful ridge of Kopetdag mountains almost from any open space.

From humble village to metropolis

History of Ashgabat begins from the small settlement of the tribe of Turkomans who settled in the foothills of Kopetdag mountains at the intersection of caravan roads. In 1881 on the site of the Turkmen settlement was founded cross-border military fortification Askhabad, which in 1919 was renamed in Poltoratsk. This name remained until 1927, until it was renamed into Ashgabat. In 1925 Ashgabat became a capital of the Turkmen SSR. According to statistics, in 2013 the population of the city exceeded 1 million people, of whom Turkmens made up more than 75% of the population. The city is also home to Russians, Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Armenians, Persians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Tatars and others.

Multiple champion of Guinness Book of records

Todays Ashgabat is a wonderful Central Asian city that perfectly conjoins Eastern and European architecture. A lot of Ashgabat's objects of visit, including the city itself, were included in the Guinness Book of records. Ashgabat is recognized as the champion for:
  • as the city of greatest number of white-marbled buildings in the world (543 buildings). Ashgabat has at its disposal such unique objects as:

  • the world's tallest flagpole (133 m. of height) and flag with the dimensions of 52.5 by 35 m;

  • the world's largest Ferris wheel of closed type (with outer diameter 57 m.);

  • the world's largest fountain complex (where the summary area of the fountains exceeds 15 hectares);

  • the world's largest architectural image of the star (eight-pointed star of Oguzkhan at the Turkmen TV tower).

    Since 2003 Guinness Book of records also has in its list the masterpiece of Turkmen handywomen:
  • the world's largest handmade carpet "Altyn Asyr" (area is 301 m2 and weight is about 1500 kilos).

Outlived the impact of elements

In 1948, Ashgabat suffered a catastrophic earthquake measuring 9-10 points, one of the planet's most powerful earthquakes of the last century. The city was almost completely destroyed. According to various estimates, that tragic day killed 1/2 to 2/3 of total population of Ashgabat. Brotherly help of other republics of USSR redounded to the restoration of the city in a short time.

Important tourist center of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat is one of the most important tourist centers in the Central Asian region. It is through Ashgabat leads the majority of tours along the Silk Road from Iran to China or vice versa, because the city is located near the international checkpoint "Bajgiran" leading to Iran. In addition, local aircraft will easily take you from Ashgabat to any city of Turkmenistan at will. The Ashgabat international airport also receives many tourists from abroad.

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