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The city at the Amu Darya river crossing

Turkmenabat is sunny city in the east of Turkmenistan, located on the left bank of the Amu Darya river, at the crossing over this largest river in Central Asia. The city had many names: at the XV century — Amul, until 1924 — Charjui, until 1927 — Leninsk, until 1940 — again Charjui, until 1992 - Charzhow, until 1999 — Charjev, from 1999 to our days, finally, it was called Turkmenabat. Due to its favorable location Turkmenabat has always been important place in the region, here Great Silk Road had crossing from one bank of Amu Darya river to the other. In the vicinity of the city preserved ancient caravanserais and mausoleums of Alamberdar and Astana-Baba, that remain a place of pilgrimage even today.

Between Karakum desert and Kugitang range

Turkmenabat is located in the eastern part of Karakum desert. 70 km to the South-East of the city there is Repetek nature reserve, which is considered the hottest place in whole Central Asia. To the South-West of Turkmenabat lies a unique Kugitang range, a massif with primeval untouched nature, full of rare species of animals and plants. Here you can see the Plateau of Dinosaurs with the footprints of these prehistoric pangolins; unique karst caves.

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