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A port city on the Caspian sea

The town-port of Turkmenbashi was founded in 1869 by colonel of Russian army Stoletov on the shore of the Caspian sea as Russian military fortification, and since foundation until 1993 it was called Krasnovodsk. Nowadays the town is renamed in honor of the first President of the country into Turkmenbashi. This is the only large port in whole Central Asia, providing water communication with Russia, Iran and the Caucasus countries.

New Turkmen resort Avaza

In 2007 in 12 km from Turkmenbashi on the Caspian sea coast was arranged the luxury resort, Avaza, which is able to simultaneously receive more than 4000 tourists. In the summer season Avaza is visited by tourists from all over Turkmenistan, from near and far abroad. In addition to 16 already operating hotels in Avaza there built several cottage complexes and recreation centers, on the promenade there are huge fountains, was opened the yacht club, gas turbine power plant and the station of desalination of sea water. At the airport of Turkmenbashi it was built a new runway, capable to accept planes of all types.

Other sights of Turkmenbashi

Besides relaxing on the sea, in Turkmenbashi everyone has the opportunity to improve his health through discovered not far from the town radon waters and muds of the lake Molla-Kara. Undoubtedly architecture of Turkmenbashi, partly preserved from the XIX century, awakes interest of tourists: old railway station building in Moorish style, the building of a modern port in the shape of a sailing ship, and many new, modern marinas. In the suburbs of Turkmenbashi you can visit the ancient settlements of Dehistan and Misrian, Sumbar valley with charming natural landscapes and many more.

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