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Balykchy, the town of fishermen

Balykchy town is built to the west of Issyk-Kul lake (sometimes it is referred to the "gates of Issyk-Kul"), stretching along the coast for several kilometers. Issyk-Kul has always been famous for fish, so it is not surprising that in the end of XIX century here appeared a Russian fishing village, and by 1909, in the village named Rybachye ("village of fishermen", Russian), already lived over a hundred families. In 1954 this fishing village was granted town status, and in 1991 it was renamed to Balykchy, which means "fisherman" in Kyrgyz.

Fishery center at Issyk-Kul

Today Balykchy is a center of food industry, especially fishery. It provides fish, meat and wool to the entire Issyk-Kul region. Tourists passing through this town, happy to buy fresh, smoked or dried fish of all varieties.

Evidence of ancient civilization

There are no attractions for the tourists in Balykchy, excepting buying fish and seeing an old minument to great explorer Przhevalsky (in poor condition). However, near the town there are remains of the ancient settlement of the legendary ghost-town Sikul, covered by water. Gorge near this settlement keeps petroglyphs carved on stone slabs around 4500 years ago.

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