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City around the mound

Modern Kurgan-Tube is a city in the south of Tajikistan, one of the industrial and cultural centers of the republic. It is located on the caravan trade route in the center of a rich oasis in the valley of the Vakhsh river, 100 kilometers south of Dushanbe, on the artificial mound. According to the legend, this mound apperaed after local ruler ordered all visitors to bring with them a skullcap full of ground.

Everburning beacon

The findings made during archaeological excavations suggest that the mound in the center of the city has an age of about two thousand years. Kurgan-Tyube was the largest city of the ancient Bactria. Throughout its history, the city has repeatedly been subjected to devastation (invincible phalanxes of Alexander the Great, dashing raids of the steppe nomads, invasion of the Arabs), but it was rebuilt and became even more beautiful. Campaigns of Genghis Khan (XIII c.) and civil war of the 1990s in Tajikistan caused the most damage to Kurgan-Tyube. However, the city survived and continued to grow even after these tragic events. There is a historical museum in the city. The total number of its exhibits is 700.

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