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Between Badakhshan and Turkestan

Kulob (Kulyab) is an ancient city in southern Tajikistan, a kind of link between the mountains of Badakhshan and the plains of Turkestan. In the Middle Ages Kulob and its surroundings belonged to Bukhara Emirate. Here, as in many other cities of the region, was one of the stop-overs of the caravans going along Great Silk Road, linking East and West. Kulob's surroundings are very picturesque.

Ancient fortress Hulbuk

Ruins of buildings and mausoleums that were found in the surroundings of Kulob, testify to the once highly developed culture and architecture at this land. During the excavations of 50-70-ies of the last century, archaeologists dug out a huge palace made of bricks, just in 12 km from Kulyab. The remains of the building were decorated with carved alabaster and murals. Scientists proved that these are the ruins of once disappeared medieval citadel called Hulbuk. Historical Museum of Kulob was enriched with the collection of found artifacts from this fortress. On the territory of excavations now there built a modern museum-reserve, which includes the museum itself, the architectural and archaeological complex of the ancient fortress and palace Hulbuk, as well as palace of ancient governors — Khatlon. The total area of ​​the reserve is 16 hectares.

The possibilities for different types of tourism

The unique natural and recreational resources, diverse flora and fauna that are hallmarks of the Kulob region, can successfully develop such types of tourism as ecological tours, trekking and photo-hunt with the involvement of the local communities.

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