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Fortress of the Karakhanids

Uzgen is an ancient town in southern Kyrgyzstan, one of the most important population centers of the Karakhanids dynasty. Town is located on the bank of Kara-Darya river, once on the way from Samarkand to Kashgar. In VIII-IX cc Uzgen had appearance of powerful fortress. In XI-XII cc Uzgen has further strengthened its position, becoming for a time the most powerful city in the Ferghana valley and the capital of Karakhanid kingdom. There operated large madrasahs and mosques, string of trading caravans were coming through the town.

Uzgen historical and architectural complex

Nowadays there is preserved historical and architectural complex in central part of Uzgen, consisting of three mausoleums conditionally named Northern, Middle and Southern. Also to the north of the mausoleums there is a minaret of 46 m in height, which by opinion of some scientists is a "blood brother" of the famous Burana tower. These monuments are considered classics of the Karakhanid epoch and reminiscent of the past grandeur of the town.

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