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The highest mountain town in former USSR

Murghab is the highest mountain town on the territory of former USSR with a population of over 6000 people. Murghab is situated at Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), in the heart of the Pamir mountains at the altitude of over 3600 meters above sea level. Through the town leads the famous high mountain road — Pamir Highway. By the way, the majority of the population of Murghab are ethnic Kyrgyzs, but they dwell in stone houses of the Tajik type of construction.

Pamir Outpost

Murghab was founded by the Russian troops in the late XIX century, as an outpost in the Pamirs, and was first called the Pamir Outpost (Pamirsky Post). In 1892-1893 here lived the first in the Pamirs frontier guards of Russian Empire. Nowadays Murghab is the best place to use it as a base for trips to remote areas of Gorno-Badakhshan and expeditions to some of the peaks of the Pamirs.

In the heart of Pamir mountains

Murgab is located in the heart of the high mountain desert called Pamir. The climate of this area is distinguished by huge temperature drops: from +40 C in mid-summer to -50 C in mid-winter. The surrounding area of the Murghab is rich with natural attractions as: Madian valley, Karakul lake, Sarez lake, Kyrgyz village Shaymak, Shorkul lake, the village of Rankul, etc.

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