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Silk capital of Uzbekistan

Margilan is the ancient city famous for its silk producing, situated 15 km North from Fergana. Merchants were selling these fabrics along the Great Silk Road to Egypt, Greece, Persia and China. Modern Margilan can be called the silk capital of Uzbekistan. Here is a production of the famous fabrics "khan-atlas", which are woven and dyed manually according to the ancient technology.

Legend how khan-atlas appeared

An old legend tells how once local ruler, the khan, wished to take a beautiful daughter of a poor weaver as fifth wife to his palace. The weaver, seeing that his daughter does not like the khan, was against the marriage and asked the khan to change his intentions. The khan replied that he will let the girl go, if her father in one day will present before the khan's eyes something more beautiful than her beauty. All night the weaver couldn't sleep, and next morning went into the garden. The wind ruffled the trees, the stream sparkled in the sun, flowers bloomed and the nightingale sang its song. The inspired weaver began to work, and thus appeared most beautiful fabric in the world. This fabric conjoined everything: the wind and the nightingale, the flowers and the stream; everything sparkled and shimmered with vibrant colors. After seeing this fabric, the khan was fascinated and let the girl go home. Since then, Margilan weavers started to produce this fabric, which they named "khan-atlas".

Where is Margilan silk produced?

Manufacturing technology of Margilan silk are preserved to nowadays. Here in 1972 was founded the factory "Yodgorlik", where the streamlined production process of silk and semi-silk fabrics. Today the factory works with foreign partners from South Korea, India, Iran, Russia and Germany. In addition, the factory is visited by many tourists, because here everyone can observe all stages of production of the khan-atlas - from silkworms to finished product.

City with vivid history

In addition to the silk production, Margilan is famous for its architectural monuments of XVIII-XIX centuries. The most striking of them is Pirsiddik Complex. Connected with this place legend tells that during the attack the enemies here, in a small cave, hid the holy man Pirsiddik, and pigeons, that were revered as holy birds in Margilan, made here tens of nests, completely blocking the entrance. The invaders, seeing the calm of the birds, decided that there's noone inside, and did not break into the cave. Later on this place was founded a complex with mosque, minaret and tomb. In addition, interesting architectural monuments of Margilan are: Chakar mosque, Toron-Bazar mosque, the mausoleum of Khoja Magiz and acting madrasah Said Akhmad Khoja.

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