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Colossus of Fergana valley

Namangan, the most populous of the cities of Fergana valley, is situated in its Northern part. The name derives from the Persian "namak kon", which means "salt mine". Since ancient times here was a settlement of salt extraction. Namangan was first mentioned as a city in the late XV century, later Babur wrote about it in his book "Baburnama" (XVI century). In the early XVII citizens of ancient town Ahsikent migrated to Namangan because of terrible earthquake that destroyed their town ( ruins of Ahsikent can be seen today in the suburb of Namangan). Since then Namangan has grown and over time became one of the most important cities in Kokand khanate. Namangan was known as the craft center, which is inhabited by masters of various professions. Here was developed horticulture, sericulture, trade with China and Bukhara Emirate. In the early XX century Namangan became the second after Tashkent city by population in the entire Turkestan Governor-Generalship. This trend has continued to the present day: Namangan is third after Tashkent and Samarkand city in the Republic in terms of population.

New development of the city

Currently Namangan is developing as a center of light and food industries. The city is buried in verdure of orchards and parks. Here are reconstructing the roads, building sports facilities, actively restoring historic building. Social infrastructure is developing as well, appearing new kindergartens, schools, establishing new medical facilities.

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