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Holy Bukhara

Bukhara is one of the oldest cities of the Orient, its age is more than 2000 years. Former capital of Bukhara Emirate is not inferior to Samarkand by the abundance and significance of its pilgrimage sites and architectural masterpieces. Holy Bukhara - that's how citizens call their glorious city. It has always been not only political and cultural, but also religious and spiritual center, "citadel of Islam". That's why here is concentrated an unprecedented number of mosques and shrines of many Islamic saints. Main landmark of the city is unique architectural complex of XII-XVI cc. Poi-Kalyan, which includes Kalyan minaret, Kalyan mosque and Miri-Arab madrassah.

Deserved place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage

Old city of Bukhara contains about 150 historical monuments, and each one is with its own unique style of construction. Since the beginning of 90-ies the historical centre of Bukhara is added to UNESCO World Heritage list. Thus, most of the city is an architectural monument. Whole blocks of ancient city layout with their narrow streets are well-preserved. Wandering along the city it's easy to imagine yourself a contemporary of the legendary Khoja Nasreddin. Bukhara is a city where antiquity is felt at every step, in every brick, every stone of the old masonry is covered with the dust of centuries. Here are preserved many architectural monuments of all historical periods, from IX century to the present.

City on the Great Silk Road

Bukhara, being one of the most important cities in the region, was linked to other cities and kingdoms by Great Silk Road like many other ancient cities of Uzbekistan. So there is a good reason that in IX c. Bukhara became a capital of Samanids Kingdom, and from XVIII till XX cc it was the main city of Bukhara Emirate. Nowadays Bukhara is a center of eponymous province of Uzbekistan; big transport and railway hub; the last city of the Bukhara Oasis on the way to Kyzyl-Kum desert.

Birthplace of many personalities

Many famous people lived and worked in Bukhara, e.g. historian and poet Firdausi, writer Rudaki, the great scientist Ibn Sina (Avicenna), etc.. Bukharians also regard Khoja Nasreddin as their townsman. Nasreddin is people's favorite sage and wit famous all over the Orient. There is a monument to this legendary man in the heart of Bukhara - at Lyabi-Khauz pond.

One of tourist centers of Uzbekistan

Bukhara, along with Samarkand and Khiva, is one of the most popular tourist cities of Uzbekistan. In the historic centre of the city built many hotels and restaurants. Since tourist objects in Bukhara are located relatively close to each other, many tourists choose walking tour, and gladly stride through the narrow streets and between the minarets and madrasahs of the sand color, but with sky-blue domes.

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