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The town that grew up around the Bible well

Khiva is a unique town, rightfully claiming the title of "eighth wonder of the world". There is a legend about the origin of this ancient town: it grew up around the well called Khei-Vak which was dug by order of Sim (Shem) - the son of biblical Noah. Nowadays you can see this well in the old part of Khiva - Ichan-Kala fortress. And town's name "Khei-Vak" has gradually transformed into "Khiva".

Ichan-Kala - museum under the open sky

The old part of the city – Ichan-Kala is a real Museum under the open sky. There are two palaces, more than 60 madrassahs and mosques, caravanserais and other historical objects at its relatively small area. Ichan-Kala is surrounded by a strong wall and is essentially a town-fortress. No wonder this masterpiece of architecture with its magnificent minarets, narrow stone alleys, lined with colored tile walls in 1990 was included into World Heritage List of UNESCO. In 1997 Khiva celebrated its 2500 anniversary. Today's Khiva is a real Oriental tale, which you can see personally and even touch.

Walking along the ancient streets

Khiva keeps numerous architectural monuments of all historical epochs starting from IX century BC to the present. Most architectural structures are relatively young in comparison with the monumental buildings of Bukhara and Samarkand. After all, many madrassahs, mosques and palaces in Khiva were built in the period of the Khiva Khanate, i.e. from the XVII to the XX century. But their concentration in Khiva is very dense and unique in its beauty and architectural design. All streets inside town walls are walking area, passage of the cars is prohibited, and by the law noone can build a modern-style building here. The government tries to preserve Ichan-Kala as a town-museum.

One of tourist centers of Uzbekistan

Khiva is a small town geographically; it can be visited in one day. But neither the size of the town nor its remoteness from the capital, not hinder tourists to visit this magnificent town-museum. Khiva is one of the tourist centers of the "Golden Ring" of Uzbekistan, completing this list. Arriving in Tashkent and then visiting Samarkand and Bukhara, many tourists cross the Kyzyl-Kum desert to visit the former capital of powerful Khiva Khanate. Another option is to visit Khiva by flight to Urgench (center of the province), and travel from there to Khiva, that takes about half an hour. From Urgench to Khiva now runs the country's only intercity trolleybus, eagerly preferred by many visitors.

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