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Amazing Central Asian republic

Uzbekistan is a country in very heart of Central Asia, known with its unique geographical location. The names of all neighboring to Uzbekistan states end in "-stan" and, together with Liechtenstein, Uzbekistan is one of the two countries in the world, from which for the passage to global ocean at any direction you need to cross the territory of the two states - all the neighboring countries also do not have access to the oceans. Because of this "impaction" in the middle of the continent Uzbekistan always was a land of crossing by armies, caravans, expeditions, and nowadays - continental tours with thousands of international tourists involved.

In the middle of Great Silk Road

Great Silk Road once connected Europe and Asia. At the territory of modern Uzbekistan there were several branches of the Silk Road, forming a crossroads, where numerous towns and villages grew. The clearest example of several very ancient cities on the planet (agemates of Babylon and Rome): Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz. Some of these cities have international airports for direct flights.

Land of world history in action

These lands have seen much during their long life. Here emerged, flourished and decayed vast empires under the bloody warfare; were erected and turned into the ruins whole cities, countries and civilizations. Walls of local ancient buildings still remember great military leaders and prominent scientists of those times - Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Ulugbek, Avicenna and many others. Despite the fact that on the territory of Uzbekistan took place endless wars, a large number of ancient monuments were preserved and maintained in excellent condition. Taking a walk through the narrow streets of ancient cities of Uzbekistan, touching the rough walls, you can find yourself in the past.

Country of hospitality and delicious cuisine

Another feature of Uzbekistan - people are smiling and hospitable. They sincerely believe that every guest is sent to them by God, that's why Uzbeks are so hearty. They are fond of eating and treating the guests, so the Uzbek cuisine is generous and varied. Impossible to visit Uzbekistan and not to taste a real Uzbek pilaf (plov), cooked by more than one-thousand-years-old recipes. One can overshadow universal rejoicing - if you stick to vegetarian ideas, you won't easily find here dishes to taste. Slabs of meat as shashlyk, kebab and meat dishes as naryn, plov, manty, lagman, soup-shurpa and other dishes are cooked with gentleness, and begging to be eaten. Dozens of varieties of oriental sweets - another reason to visit Uzbekistan. And juicy ripe Uzbek fruits are indeed world known as best of the best.

Highlights of Islamic architecture of different schools

Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other ancient cities of the country have dozens of classic buildings of Islamic architecture: functional and historical mosques, minarets, mausoleums, traditional bazaars, etc. of the period of construction from II century B.C. till XX century A.D. These magnificent buildings will be interesting not only for architects and funs of oriental architecture, but for connoisseurs as well. Blue domes of such architecture masterpieces as Gur-Emir, Bibi Khanum, Shahi Zinda, Kok Gumbaz are "icons" of Uzbekistan.

Paradise for active tourism funs

Not only ancient architecture attracts tourists to Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan there are wonderful natural landscapes, it has everything - from the snow-white peaks and alpine meadows to vast and sandy Kyzyl Kum desert. Nature has generously endowed this region with its diversity. There are opportunities for most types of active tourism: mountaineering, hiking, riding, water-tourism, biking, safari, etc.

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