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Central Asian Switzerland

Kyrgyzstan - a country that resembles a small Central Asian Switzerland, with its mountains and lakes. Many travelers consider Kyrgyzstan as most attractive, accessible and friendly country in the region. Especially tourists are happy that here they can easily get to the slopes to the evergreen Central Tian-Shan as well as to the severe Pamir, and of course to visit the pearl of Central Asia - famous lake Issyk-Kul.

The crossroad of ancient trading routes

Kyrgyzstan has always been a transit point on the trading routes between East and West. Due to its geographical location on the Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan played an important role among the neighbours from the 2nd century AD to the late Middle Ages. Antique conquerors, meanwhile, could not stay in the country for a long time - its inhabitants were pretty freedom-loving people. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, Kyrgyz lands were more or less independent and did not obey neither Arabian nor Chinese invaders.

Wilderness area

Kyrgyzstan is a country with unique nature. Arriving into the Kyrgyz mountains, you will find yourself in a beautiful park. Each mountain gorge, every valley there remained almost intact, crystal clear springs flow from the mountains, on the slopes there are green and straight as candles Tien-Shan spruces of twenty meters, wild animals wander by the paths. Along with all this idyll formidable peaks look to the skies: Lenin, Pobeda, Khan-Tengri, and others. These highest peaks of the CIS continue to attract the attention of climbers from around the world.

Hospitable nomads

Modern Kyrgyzstan is a tolerant country. About 80 ethnic groups with different customs and traditions coexist here in peace and friendship. The Kyrgyzes are country's largest ethnic group, accounting for about 70% of the population. The Kyrgyzes have always been nomads. They are carefully cherish their epic and culture, keep up the ancient traditions. Also these people are very hospitable: you can't pass someone's yurt without receiving an invitation for a cup of tea or koumiss (local fermented milky drink), and if you are going to visit someone of the locals - you will be always treated at the laid table, bursting with snacks, which you shall be filled with, even without starting with the main course.

Issyk-Kul Lake

Issyk-Kul Lake (which means "warm lake") - the country's main water source and a center of attraction for tourists not only from Central Asia, but also from all over the CIS. Many spas, resorts and coastal hotel complexes are opening their doors to you.

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