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A huge country in the middle of Eurasia

Kazakhstan is a vast country, that lies in the heart of Eurasia, being the ninth largest in the world by area. Once upon a time here lived savage nomads who disturbed the neighbors by endless cavalry raids; nowadays Kazakhstan is developed secular state, where tourism plays a considerable role. After all Kazakhs have something to show to the tourists.

Untouched nature of steppes and meadows

Here you will find unique landscapes - from the vast unexplored, wild steppes to alpine meadows, glaciers, snow-capped peaks of the Tien-Shan. Unexplored land in Kazakhstan - it is a fantastic opportunity to test yourself in the wild natural environment, walk along the ancient caravan routes, to pave their own way in a jeep or a to raft on the turbulent mountain river.

Republic with two heads

You will be impressed by two capitals of Kazakhstan: the old one - Almaty and the new one - Astana. Unnecessary to diminish the greatness of their national color, contrast of antiquity and extreme modernity in their architecture.

True people

But the main wealth of Kazakhstan - is, of course, people with their traditions of nomadic life, age-old customs, national dignity and a special mentality, genuinely welcoming, full of hospitality, respect of their ancestors and their history in general. That's why people of Kazakhstan are the true people.

"Baikonur" Cosmodrome

In addition to natural resources and ancient monuments, in Kazakhstan there is another famous place, which can be identified as a separate category of places to visit. It is "Baikonur" Cosmodrome that was build in Soviet era and still carries out the launch of missiles into space. Visiting this spaceport may seem a pipe dream, but it is not so. On certain days, several sectors of "Baikonur" are opened to the public.

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Subway of Almaty
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