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The most mountainous Central Asian republic

In the South-East of Central Asia in the high mountains of the Pamirs lies a small, but self-respectful republic of Tajikistan. It is the smallest and most highly placed country in the region. This is an original edge of the striking natural contrasts, mountains take 93% of its territory. Here you will see the mighty peaks of the Pamir covered with eternal snow. It is just in Tajikistan there is the highest peak of former Soviet Union - Peak of Ismail Samani (mostly known as Communism Peak), 7495 m.

Citadel of distinctiveness

Tajikistan does not take the first place in development, but it says only that here life goes on as usual. Inhabitants, especially mountain dwellers of remote areas of Pamir, use to live according to their agelong traditions. In Tajikistan there are no huge cities, annoying advertisement and traffic jams, but here you can meet kind, open and simple-hearted people.

Roof of the World

Tajikistan is famous for its high mountains and the richness of its mineral resources. Once the famous Venetian merchant and traveler Marco Polo called the region "Roof of the World, under which untold riches are hidden, and which is a home for hardened people, who can resist nature and adversity".

Azure lakes of Fan Mountains

Region of Fan Mountains is one of the most famous mountain regions of Tajikistan. Great Soviet bard Yuri Vizbor, who visited Fan Mountains many years ago, wrote a wonderful song "I left the heart in the Fan Mountains." And we can totally understand his thoughts: Fan Mountains is a unique place that attracts climbers and trekkers from all over the world. The crystal-clear lakes, vertical walls and sky-high peaks beckon new adventurers. Fan Mountains have at their disposal all kinds of slopes and pathes: from easy several days trekking opportunities to professional rock climbing of any category of complexity.

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