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Picturesque country in Karakum desert

Turkmenistan is hot and warm hearted Central Asian republic, where life is concentrated on both sides of the mighty Karakum desert.

Golden domes and white marble

In Turkmenistan everything is done on a grand scale, from the golden domes and marble high-rise buildings in Ashgabat, to the new giant complex "Avaza" on the Caspian Sea, that can compete by its luxury with best tourist complexes in Arab Emirates.

Ancient strongholds

There are real ancient places in Turkmenistan - three unique historical objects under the protection of UNESCO: settlements Merv and Margush (civilization of Margiana that flourished long before Christ), Kunya-Urgench (medieval capital of Khorezm empire and now a city-cemetery) and the ruins of the Parthian stronghold Nisa (near Ashgabat city).

Expedition through the "Black Sands"

Most tourist destinations in Turkmenistan suggest the intersection of hot and dark Karakum sands ("Kara Kum" means "Black Sands"), that occupy almost 80% of the country. You can cross Karakum sands by plane, by bus, or even riding a camel, depending on your choice.

Here is always something to explore

Undoubtedly while in Turkmenistan, you will desire to visit the famous Museum of Carpets (with world's largest carpet in it), to chat with the friendly locals, to ride a camel or local "ahalteke" horse, to observe grand golden domes in Ashgabat, to swim in Caspian Sea and for sure to buy a world-known Turkmen cap "telpek" as a keepsake.

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