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Paradise for all kinds of tourism

China - not just a state. It is the country with the largest population in the world, a country with millennial traditions, and with hundreds of facilities for tourism. Heavenly Empire is firmly ranked third in the world in the number of tourist arrivals in the year.

Tourist citadel of the Orient

Beautiful pagodas, ancient imperial castles, underground tombs, exciting tea ceremony, unprecedented dishes and drinks, and of course, the famous Great Wall - here is just a short list of reasons to visit China. Long history of China has left a huge number of historical monuments. 54 Chinese cities are marked by the world community as "the city representing great interest for tourism".

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China - is undoubtedly the most famous symbol of China; more than ten of its sections are opened to tourists. It is the only structure of humanity, which can be seen from the space. For many centuries the Wall have been gradually ruining, but in 1984 Chinese government has begun its active restoration.

State-founder of Great Silk Road

First of all Great Silk Road was used for the export of silk from China, hence its name. This important trade route of the ancient period started in Xi'an, Dunhuang then divided into two legs: one led through the Pamirs in the Fergana Valley, and the other - across the Pamir Mountains - to Bactria, Parthia and the Middle East. Chinese rulers had been sending to the West caravans of up to three hundred camels laden with goods! In exchange for Chinese silk and spices they received purebred Arabian horses, lovely fruit and wine. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to travel along the Silk Road, starting their journey from China.

Two thousand temples in Tibet

Tibet region deserves more than detailed consideration. It is a vast mountainous country, lost among the valleys and glaciers. For a long time Tibet has been closed to tourists, and getting there was a real act of valor. Only a few years ago this area was opened to the public. In Tibet there are more than 2000 temples and monasteries - is a treasure trove of religious culture and traditions of Buddhism.

One of the most interesting places on the planet

China is a huge and interesting country. We can talk endlessly about it, but no story can be compared with a trip to China. It is one of those places on the planet that everyone should visit at least once, to fully experience the great spirit of the Chinese culture, to breathe its wisdom, to feel its greatness.

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